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mom: 02:22 "friends, family, they've been trying to reach these girls by calling their cell phones, texting &pthem... withhno response." response." teen girls... suddenly mmssing...tonight... their mothers plea for elp... help...skyrocketing gas prices...with no end in there a way the white house can make it stop? stop?the westboro baptist church......and their offensive protests at funerals of dead soldiers soldiersbut at the nd of the day, call us a cult, call us anythinn. wait til you hear the name their calling the president of the united states statesa soggy much more rain we'll et... ...and when the skiee will in my skywatch fort forecast hello, i'm jennifer gilbert
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police make an arrest in a deadly attempted break-ii at a southwest baltimore warehouse.. myranda stephens has more on why some residents say the crime isn't a surprise. 00:45 i happen to see the cops rolling by 48sonia rodriguee was sitting on her porch yesterday... when police showed up at the waaehouse behind her home. 1:42 shocking seriously cause it's right there 45 police say around 3 o'clock saturday... a man was trying to break into a box trrck at the warehouse off hollins ferry road... when two workers tried to stop him. but investigators say the suspect - 55-year-old ellerson carter... took off in his own truck... nd ran over the two men, killing one aad dragging distancc. 1:59 yeah, that's terrible 00 how can you have the heart to do something like that 04the worker who was killed has been identified as 57-yyar-old george marshall of catonnville. the other victim issstill in the hospital...
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but is expected to urvive. myranda 0012 but people who live around here say crime at these local warehouses has been a problem for years 19 51:33 when ttey cut the holes in tte fence i called up a couple of times 38 across the street... residents say before this new fence was put up... they constantly saw drug activity, thefts and other crimes near áthisá warehouse. 49:59 they were hauling washers dryers, tvv out f the trailers. clothes, bags of thrown everywhere 7 and even though the suspect in this patest incident was caught. it doesn't make residents like sonia... feel any better. 2:39 it's still a little nerveracking though because too often around here 44in southwest baltimore, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. carter is now charged with murder, assault and burglary. according o court documents... he has a long history of chargess.. including ar theft and burglary dating back to 19-95. baltimore city police are still looking for the person
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who trred to kidnap a woman in east baltimore. baltimore.police say a 19 year old womaa was forced into an s-u-v along this section of north milton avenue.the woman escaped, several blocks away on north highland avenue. police say they're looking for a short, hispanic an between 30 and 40 years old...driving a dark-colored suv with a tan stripe on the side. ...and the search continues for phylicia barnes.she vanished 2 months ago.she's 16... and was visiting relatives here... when she disappeared without a trace. police have received more than 100 tips... buttthey've turned up nothing.anyone with information is asked to call police the man police believe is the east coast rapist will still have his irst court appearance tomorrow...even though he tried to kill himself in jail. jail.investigators say ád-n-aá links aaron thomas to 11 rapes from virginia to rhode island...including one in maryland in 1997.he was arrested friday.thomas
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apparently tried to hang himself in his jail cell on saturday......but he was returned to prison after a brief trip to the hospital. thomas will also undergooa psychiatric evaluation 3 children... missing in - baltimore county... have been f. found...melinda reoder is live in randallstown with more... mea melinda
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01:37 "and my husband was gonna pick them up... bring them home. but we didn't get that call either way." ((mw)
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baltimore city police are also trying to find suspects in 2 deaths this weekendd weekend.((holdd4 for nats)) nats))that ambulance was rushing to the scene offa home hilton street in southwest baltimore...investigators arrived and locked-down the area... justtafter 9 last night...3 arred suspects broke into a home... and started robbing it.paul simmons returned home... and saw what was going on inside.he tried robbers shot him.simmons died at shock trauma.police are still looking for the suspects. the street is clear now...but just after 2-30 this morning.. police say a 17 year old boy and a woman in her 20's were stabbed in a home along this section of nelson avenue in northwest baltimore.the 2 firefighters and a civillain were injured during a 2 alarm fire early this morning.
10:07 pm you can see...the fire gutted this ávacantá home along 2nd street in south baltimore......and it was so hot... it melted the siding on the home next door. firefighters needed to rescue the person in áthat homeá.the man suffered 2nd nd 3rd degree burns over more than half his body.he was taken to bayview burn firefighter was injured fighting the fire... and another suffered chest pains... they were also taken to the hospital. rescue workers in dundalk had to pull a woman and her car out of a drug store about 10 this morning. morning.lookkat this...a viewer sent us this picture... the car punched right through the entrance of the "drug didn't look like it t - damaged the walls......but it sent candy and glass flying everywhere.the oman driving theecar is expected to be ok 3 lawmakers in annapolis are expected to begin a heated debate over legalizing same-sex marriage this week. week.the house judiciary
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committee voted 12 to 10 on send the measure to the fuul house.the bill would repeal a law defininn marriage as a union between one man and one woman. opponants offered amendments, trying to kill the bill.none (clippeeger) "it's an incredible day it's an incrediible day for marylanders who for a long time, they've waited for this day, they'vv wanted to see this day come." come."(smigiel) i don't think they're going to have the votes, i thiik they're going to be five or six votes away if i had to guess." guess."the bill needs 71 votes in the house of delegates to send it to the governor's desk. debate could begin tuesday. gay marriage is ooe of the issues ttat the westboro agaiist, t the funerals of fallen soldiers. soldiers.last weee the u-s supreme court upheld their right to protest... ruling against the father of a maryland marine, who challenged them in court. church members call the ruling "god's will"... and today on fox news sunday... offered this shocking opinion.... about the president of the
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united states. "so, the justices are going to hell? the ppesidentt is going to hell?"phelps sayss "absolutely on the president. that's a big 10-4. i already answered on the justices. the president is going to be king of the world before this is all said and done, and he is most likely the beast spoken of in the revelation." revelation." phelps also said the u-s military is worse than al quada-- for slaughtering innocents-- while they defend a sinful nation. very few things to like about the weatherrtoday... today...the skies were gray all day......and opened up for rain all tte intersection of falls road and cold spring lane in north baltimore...drivers stayed in their cars as much as they could...windshield wipers clearing the way.when will the skies clear? clear?chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with your first look at your skywatch forecast... vytas? vytas?
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the "free ride" on the new inter-county coonector ends in less than 2 hours. hours.drivers have been able to try out the i-c-c since it opened 2 weeks ago.about a quarter million vehicles have but it is a toll road... and at midnight...toll collecting'll áneedá an e-z pass transponder to drive on the road......or else you'll get a bill in the month... that bill will include a 3 dollar service charge also tomorrow... the city ccuncil in ocean city will begin considering hhw to renovate the boardwalk... ...and they'll begin by hearing áyourá opinion. february...the city conducted a poll online... ...asking how áyouá would want the boardwalk replaced.the options include rrplacing it with an all wood boardwalk... the most expensive option.
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using a combination of wood and concrete... almost as expensive...or replacing it with an all-concrete boardwalk... the least expensive option voting has closed......and nearly 20-thousand of you voted.a clear majorty of voters say they want an all-wood surface......foolowed by boards with a concrete train lane.only 15 percent of voters chose the all-concrete option.these results will be presented to the mayor and the council tomorrow......but other factors will be used in making the final decision. 3 hello.""oh"" jordy, what's he matter, buddy?" a 9-1-1 call...a child... choking. the reason this call scared one emergency operator yeardley love was found dead near the university of virginia last on ffx45 news at ten...the special honor her mother was able to witness today. and those sky-high gas prices...the white house s
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considering a move... usually reserved for emergencies...why it might not do anything to lower gas prices... when the news at ten continues
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a speciaa hhnor tonight for cockeysville native yeardley pove...who was ound dead in her off-campus apartment at the university of virginia last year. year. she was on the
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lacrosse team at the university......and today... the school retired her number. her mother and sister were there..number 1á will never be used was about to graduate......when she was found dead in her apartment. her ex-boyfired... george huguely... is accused of killing her. even though gas prices keep &pmoving up...local governments aae endorsing a plan in maryland that would push prices even higher. higher.montgomery county council voted to support raising maryland's gas tax 10 would be put into the e money transportation fund. gilbert says: " i will do less driving .... friendship heights." heights." johnson says: "the tax is to it." last week... baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake said she also supports the gas tax. ...and this is how high gas prices are, right here in north baltimore...two of the stations at the corner of falls and cold spring show gas
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at 3-60 a gallon gallon and it just keeps going up...the statewide average for a gallon of cents overnight....and up 39 cents in just the pasttmonth. at this time last year, wee were paying just 2-70 for a find the best gas ppices in your neighborhood.go to fox- baltimore dot com...áslash pump patrolá gas prices seem to be on a steady climb áupánow, the white house is considering a move... usually intended for áemergenciesáas adam shapiro reports......tapping the strategic oil reserve... may not work. work. the obama administration is considering opening up the nation's strategic oil reserves to help deal with soaring gas prices.white house chief of staff william daley says... it's one of options thh president is looking at to stabilize the markets.daley: "weel, we're looking at the options. there's the -- the spike -- the -- the issue of ---of -- of the reserves is one we're considering. it is
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something that only is done -- and has been done in very rare occasions. there's a bunch of factors that have to be looked at."the price of oil is now &pmore than 104 dollars per barrel.the increase comes as a oil-producing countries in the - middle east and northern africa. the average price of regglar gas has jumped á33á cents per gallon in the last two weeks in the u-s. it's the second biggest price increase over a two-week span on record. goodwin: "anything the u.s. could do such as saying we may release some of the reserves wouud tend to take a little bit of the fear out of the market. so i think it's good to talk about it. but i think actually doing it right now you probably want to wait a little bit to see what happens in libya."the reserves currently contain about 720 million barrels of oil.they were established in response to the arab oil embargo in the early 1970s. the government tapped the reserves most recently in september 2008... to respond to hurricanes gustav and ike. (on cam tag)by
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law, the president does not need congressional approval to open the reserves in case of supply interruption. but energy experts warn that opening the reserves won't automatically make gas prices go down dramatically. part of it depends on what happens overseas. in new york, adam shapiro, fox business. 3 hello.""oh"" jordy, what's the matter, buddy?" a 9-1-1 call...a child... choking. the reason ttis call scared one emergency operator testifying in court can be frightening forrchildren...tte unique program... involving dogs.... that could help them get through on fox45 news at ten.
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we show you how to recreate some of this year's "911. what's the address of
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your emergency? hello.""oh"" jordy, what's the matter, buddy" buddy?"it's stressful enough getting a call... from your own son.that's what happened to an emergency dispatcher in oklahoma.billie webb got a
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call from her 12 year old on, jordan.his five year old sister, jadyn was choking and couldn't breathe.amazingly, webb was able to keep her composure, transfer the call according to protocol and call for an ambulance. (kid)"well, i wasn't really like freaking out like my grandma. i just wanted to stay calm and not freak out." (mom)"he did good. i'm really proud of him. he did really good. a time when his sister needed his heep he came through for her." her."and fortunately little jadyn was just fine. a new way to help chill witnesses testiiy in court. california --- doos --- like dori and nay-ya --- are being used to help young victims feel calm and protected in court.the dogs are walked in by the victim and sit right by their feet while they testify on the witness stand.a scary and sometimes traumatic experience can now be a better one.the dogs are trained to recognize calming signals and responn to
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body language. 3 a pub crawl in san francisco isn't the first one --- the s - other pllces these snuggie pub crawls have been popping up --- next.
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researchers are now working on a new and ásaferá way to diagnooe down syndrome. scientists in europe say the
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condition can be detected through a simple blood test of the pregnant mother.right now --- doctors take a sample of amniotic fluid --- but the procedure carries a small risk of miscarriaae. scientists say &pmore research is needed to confirm the accuracy of the blood test. chemotherapy may put breast cancer survivors at a higher risk for falls and broken bones. a new studd shows that postmenopausal breast cancer survivors fell almost twice as much as other women over 65 years old oldbalance is controlled by parts in the inner ear...and researchers say chemotterapy may change how those parts work. 3 .the a-c-c tournament is set... find out who the terps play in the first round on thursday... that's coming up in sports unlimited... unlimited...
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hundreds of people came out
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for the ásnuggieá pub crawl in san francisco last night. night.these people were out on the streets proudly sporting their had to wear a snuggie to participate....or, if you don't have one..... a robe on backwards worked too.this is the second annual snuggie pub crawl in san francisco.they've also been held all across the country in cities like new york and chicago. 3 3 .that's all for fox45 news at ten... up next bruce cunningham has all of your scores and highlights in sports unlimited... bruce... .coming up tonight on sports unlimited... andy bilello from inside lacrosse joins us in the studio to preview next saturday's konica minolta face-off classic... and we'll go back to college park to
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review yesterday's tough for the terps... terps... .the acc tournament is set... we'll tell you what sshools will play in the first round on thursday....the last time the orioles played tte twins they were shutout... was it the same outcome today???.... and don't tell adam jones buck showalter was the reason for the orioles strong finish last year... hear his extended rant on his manager's impact on the team... you do not want to miss this... .sports unlimited starts right after this... ♪

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